How to Build Better Facebook Ads Reports and Step Up Your Game in 2020

How to Build Better Facebook Ads Reports and Step Up Your Game in 2020

you wish you knew exactly what to do to step up your Facebook Ads game? How to become the “hit machine” of advertising and make your boss swoon with the ROI of your campaigns? Don’t wait for a miracle, learn how to use Facebook Ads Reports instead.

Understanding which metrics to include in each report helps you build a narrative that adds valuable context about your campaigns (and about your Facebook Ads skills).

But with Facebook changing so often how they report on your campaigns,  you must be up-to-date, or you’ll risk to miss out on important insights. 

Selecting the specific campaign elements and the most relevant metrics to include when creating a Facebook ads report can be confusing

To help you finish 2019 with a bang and be at the top of your game in 2020, we created this handy list of Facebook’s most recent reporting updates.

We cover all the metrics that have been added or refreshed, so you know how to assess your Facebook ads reports and find data-driven solutions guaranteed to improve your campaigns and boost your business results.

Whether you’re working with Facebook Insights and Analytics or using a third-party tool like AdEspresso, your ability to turn every advertising achievement into a mind-blowing business story depends largely upon the way you put together and understand the metrics of your Facebook ads report.

Facebook regularly updates or removes ad metrics to make their reports as helpful and comprehensive as possible for users.

Understanding these changes ensures that you’re tracking the right kind of data for every one of your reports, so you’re always getting the most accurate picture of how your campaigns perform.

Analyzing your Facebook ads performance also gives you a better understanding of how the platform works, helps you find new ways to improve the relationship with your customers and prospects, and provides valuable insights to maximize the performance of every ad you create. 

Sales Season is here and the New Year is just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to get a handle on Facebook ads reporting and the metrics that really matter for your business

Ready for a deep dive? Let’s jump straight in then.

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